The Original Comfy Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

Heralded as the 3rd most successful investment on Shark Tank, The Original Comfy took the world by storm after the inventors appeared on the show in 2017.

True to its reputation, this investment has paid off in a big way for Shark investor, Barbara Corcoran.

So, how is the company faring these days, and how did these entrepreneurs acquire so much success so quickly?

The Original Comfy On Shark Tank

The pitch for the Original Comfy started off with brothers, Brian and Michael Speciale, singing a parody version of ‘Deck the Halls’, a popular Christmas carol.

The Sharks loved the song and tried the Original Comfy blanket-slash-sweater with whimsy.

But the brothers started to wonder if they would get a decent offer for their invention, as two Sharks declared themselves out.

One Shark, Robert Herjavek, offered them the $50 000 they were looking for, but wanted half of their equity in return.

Fortunately for the two brothers, it was Barbara Corcoran who offer them a better deal: the same amount for only 30% of the business.

Brian and Michael tried haggling with Barbara, asking if she would accept a 25% stake, a counter offer she rejected quickly.

The two brothers eventually accepted Barbara’s offer and have since lived to enjoy the Shark’s marketing expertise as a result.

What Is The Original Comfy?

The invention in question is a sweater-blanket that’s soft, warm and comes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

It’s a high quality comforter and hoodie, and is now sold around the world in stores and online.

The blanket/sweater has received great online reviews and continues to dominate the sweater-blanket market—as its name suggests—as the ‘Original’.

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Overall Score: 98/100

How Is The Company Doing In 2021?

It’s been 4 years since the brothers pitched their idea to the Sharks and received Barbara’s investment of $50 000.

Today they have cleared over $8 million in revenue, and their product is still one of the best sellers of all Shark Tank products to date.

More On Barbara Corcoran

So, what role has Barbara played in the success of the Original Comfy?

As promised, she delivered tons of marketing advice to the brothers, which has helped them make the product more accessible to the public.

Barbara’s investment was used to get the supply and distribution of the Original Comfy out on the market, and so far it has sold extremely well.

Barbara Corcoran started her success in real estate, and has since expanded to several business ventures earning her the title, “Shark Millionaire”.

Her involvement in the Original Comfy business is fairly minimal these days, but she still enjoys her 30% of the profits since her investment.

Final Thoughts

The Original Comfy is a must-have item, and makes a great gift.

If a product sells $8 million’s worth, you know you want one as much as we do.

Fortunately, the popularity of the Original Comfy has made it available just about everywhere.

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Overall Score: 98/100