The Radford Family Net Worth – Yet another baby!!

The Radford family already had 21 children by 2020 when they finally made the decision that they would have no more children.

Then in April 2021 Heid Rose was born. This would make the family of Neil and Sue Radford total a whopping 24-member household.

The Radford’s first came to the attention of British citizens in 2012 when the UK Channel 4 did a documentary on “15 Kids and Counting”. This was followed up in another episode in 2021 by “22 Kids and Counting” aired on Channel 5.

When interviewing the older children, they certainly had a couple of things to say about baby number 22.

Of course, Sue and Noel have confirmed, on camera, that there will be no more additions to the family, except for grandchildren? Mm…are they sure?

Would you like a slice of pie?

Noel and Sue Radford provide for their family from their own pie-making business started in 1999. They are proud to say that they don’t rely on government assistance to provide for their ample family needs.

Their basic groceries a week costs around ₤350 ($ 460 US) per week, which includes, 200 packets of crisps, 20 loaves of bread, 90 pints of milk, 21 boxes of cereal and as much yoghurt as they can consume.

During Covid lockdown their weekly grocery bill exceeded ₤400. Can you Imagine having 21 children and a new-born baby in a house during Covid lockdown?

At least awesome mum Sue arranged an outdoor movie night during Covid Lockdown, with snack station and all. Guess the movie? Jurassic Park!

Noel jokes that the kids are “like locusts” when it comes to food.

Covid Shutdown affects Piedom

Based in Morecombe, Lancashire, UK, “The Radford’s Pie Company” had to shut down during Covid as Noel tested positive for the Coronavirus in December 2020. This shutdown dealt them quite a financial blow as this is their busiest season.

The worst of the shutdown was that their first episode of 22 and counting had just aired which boosted their pie sales phenomenally.

Sue got right on with the business of PR and informed all their new customers via Instagram that they would be open for business and catching up on orders as soon as possible.

Radford Fam FAQ’s

First Names:

Sue and Noel

Last Name:



Parents, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities




Christopher, Sophie Rose, Chloe Anne, Jack Richard, Daniel Leon, Luke James, Millie Jo, Katie Louise, James Edward, Ellie May, Aimee Elizabeth, Josh Benjamin, Max Joseph, Tillie May, Oscar Will, Casper Theo, Alfie Thomas (Stillborn), Hallie Alphia Beau, Phoebe Willow, Archie Rowan, Bonnie Ray, Heidi Rose




Daisey Mae Broadley, Ayprill Louise Broadley, Leo Thomas Broadley, Maisie-Paige Spencer-Radford, Jacob Colin Spenser-Radford, Nicholas Timothy Radford

Birth Sign:



United Kingdom

Birth Country:

United Kingdom

Currently Lives:


Net Worth:

USD $300,000

Homeschooling Chaos

During Covid lockdown mum Sue shared a video of their homeschooling. Luckily this busy mum of 22 said the older children took to the Zoom schooling very easily, although the younger ones definitely stretched her sense of humor. She was only too happy to get them packing and ready for school the moment schools re-opened.

Running out of names but not out of Money!

As you can see from the above children’s names, the name Rose is used twice, so it seems they are running out of names for their expanding brood, yet thanks to YouTube subscribers and pie eaters they will never run out of money!

Their British YouTube channel has over 280,000 subscribers. They have posted over 243 videos and they only started their channel in 2018. Those are some awesome numbers, and they are clearly a family that people want to watch.

It must be said that the way in which Sue and Noel run their household and their business makes it look easy, but the logistics of operating what in essence is a small company, is amazing to say the least!

When looking at earning a good income in a world where employment is scare, look at Sue and Noel. It really goes to show whether you are a butcher, a baker, or a candlestick maker, where there is a will there is a way…simply go for it!