Touker Suleyman Net Worth 2020 – A Closer Look At The Dragon

Despite hardships in his youth, Touker Suleyman was still able to create a multi-million-pound empire.

Touker Suleyman’s wealth is estimated to be worth more than £200 million. He was also listed as the 637th richest person in the world according to The Sunday Times Rich List. Touker Suleyman is proof that hard work and smart investments pay off. With 40 years of experience in the retail industry, it’s no wonder that he is a top contender in the world of fashion.

So, how did this fashion retail entrepreneur, investor and reality tv presenter create his wealth? Who is he? And what can you learn from this incredible businessman?’s Favourite

I’m sure that you would love to hear more about this mogul and how he made his way to the top.


 Quick Facts About Touker Suleyman

Full Name:

Touker Suleyman


British-Turkish Cypriot

Date of Birth:

4th August 1953

Birth Place:

Famagusta, Cyprus

Marital status:





Fashion retailer and investor




How does Suleyman Compare to the Other Dragons?

Since 2015 Suleyman has been part of Dragons Den. During this time Nick Jenkins and Sarah Willingham were also asked to join the panel of investors. Out of the three, is he is the only one who has remained on the show.



Net Worth

Touker Suleyman:

£200 Million

Tej Lalvani:

£420 Million

Duncan Banytyne:

£400 Million

Theo Prophitis:

£250 Million

Peter Jones:

£450 Million

Deborah Medan:

£40 Million


Early Life

It interesting to note that Suleyman suffered a few hardships in his youth. At the age of 5 in 1953, he moved with his family to the UK. He had to learn to speak English and incredibly he managed to obtain eight O levels, with English as his second language.

Sadly at the age of 10, he had contracted an awful infection in his hand. He missed a year of school and was at risk of having his hand amputated.

He worked for his parents in their family restaurant. During this time he learnt a lot from his father and credits him for his success today.

After leaving school Suleyman worked as a charted accountant for a small firm, making only £5 a week. He would do work for dentists and doctors. During this time Suleyman mentioned that it was educational, but found it tedious. He also realised that wealth lay in property, fashion and being a celebrity.


How Did He Make His Money?

Making his money initially started off as an accident. Suleyman was doing an audit for a clothing company and took some of the clothing samples home. He then proceeded to give this to his grandmother.

She loved it and so did her friends. She asked if he could please purchase more for her friends, which he did. His grandmother then sold the garments for Suleyman for a year or so, and this was his introduction into the fashion business.

After this, he went into a contract with the manufacturer of the garments, working from the factory. He then formed Kingsland Models and began supplying clothes to various outlets such as Dorothy Perkins and TopShop.

In 1984 acquired a small cash and carry business, which later became known as the Low Profile Group. This was a clothing manufacture store that eventually supplied clothing to Marks & Spencers. The company was placed in several countries across Europe, making it exceptionally successful.

From 2001 onwards, Suleyman’s wealth began to grow exponentially. He then acquired a company called Hawes & Curtis. This company was going under, but with some time, Suleyman was able to grow the business from £600 000 in 2001 to £30 million in 2014. His hard work paid off superbly.

He then went on to purchase Ghost, a UK fashion label. This secured 142 jobs for many across the company, as Ghost was being let go by its original owner.

From here on, Suleyman made various wise investments over time, which increased the growth of his wealth.


Did He Suffer Any Setbacks In Business?

Yes, he had a few setbacks when it came to business. In his late 20s, he lost everything, including his home, in a poor investment. This was a learning curve though and didn’t stop him from pursuing a career.


Which Investments Are Suleyman’s Favourite?

Suleyman firmly believes in investing in property. He believes that the property market has a 5-year loop. If a properties value drops, he believes that within 5 years there will be a boom in the market again.


Family Life

As mentioned above Touker Suleyman is not married, there is also no information available about a previous marriage. Suleyman prefers to keep his personal life private. He does have two daughters though. His eldest just celebrated her 22nd birthday. His youngest daughter is 19 years old.

When asked whether or not a parent should give their children everything, he interestingly replied that things such as a house, and a basic income would be a great thing to give to children, but ultimately they need to make their own way in life and work hard.

If you would like to follow Suleyman, he is quite trendy with his Instagram and Twitter accounts. The fact that he is in his 70s shows that he keeps up with the times. He has 32 000 followers on Twitter and 10 000 on Instagram. He often posts motivational quotes, which will surely inspire you to grow your wealth.


Which Dragons Den Businesses Did Suleyman Invest In?

As to date, Touker Suleyman has invested about £575 000 into the Dragons Den.

These investments include the following companies:


  • Bad Brownie
  • Beam Block
  • Timberkits


Some Interesting Facts

  • An interesting fact is that he rented his house out to David Beckham in 2013. This home is worth £20 million and is a James Bond styled home.
  • Suleyman also believes in responsible business practises, therefore he mentors various youth charity organizations. He also loves to support young entrepreneurs in developing countries.


In Conclusion

Touker Suleyman worked hard to get to where he is today. This proves that determination, and hard work despite setbacks, can propel you forward into a life of wealth. His advice to all is to start small, and not make too much debt. By doing this you can grow and become empowered to improve your life.

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