Tree T Pee Net Worth 2021 – What Happened After Shark Tank?

The designer of Tree T Pee is serious about farming and water conservation.

He believes his product has a big impact on both farmers and how they can conserve water.

So, he presented his deal in Shark Tank’s Season 5, Episode 7 asking for $150,000 for 20% share in his company.

Did the deal go through? And, how has Tree T Pee generated a net worth of approximately $100 Million.



What Is Tree T Pee?


Tree T Pee is a simple plastic device that is placed around the bottom of trees.

Shaped like a teepee, this device captures up to three inches of rainwater in an hour which then feeds down to the tree roots.

Instead of using 25,000 gallons of water per tree through irrigation every year, the farmer only uses 800 gallons when wrapping his trees with Tree T Pee.


What is Tree T Pee’s Net Worth?

Tree T Pee’s net worth in 2021 is estimated to be in the region of about $100 Million

Taking the advice of Shark John Paul DeJoria, the owner of Tree T Pee is now selling the product for $8 per device.

This is up from its original price of $4.50 when each sale was only making a profit of $1.55. Global reach has also improved the sales margin.


Who Is The Owner Of Tree T Pee?

Johnny Georges is the owner of Tree T Pee.

However, it was his father, Rick, who came up with the original cone-shaped water saving device that was wrapped around the base of citrus trees. Johnny came on board with his father and modified the design.

The result was the teepee device that not only protected fruit trees from frost but helped saved on water consumption.


Why Is Tree T Pee So Popular?

Thanks to Johnny George’s appearance on Shark Tank, his teepee device continues to be popular.

Farmers are seeing substantial savings on their electricity bills as they pump less water.

Another huge benefit their seeing is a cost-effective and time-saving device for protecting their trees against frost damage.


Shark Tank Appearance – Did It Go Through?

It was touch and go for Johnny George as he stumbled through his pitch on the night his Tree T Pee presentation aired on Shark Tank.

Fortunately for him, Shark John Paul DeJoria stepped in and coaxed him to share his story. And, bought into his deal.


Where Is The Tree T Pee Company Today?

Johnny George had sold 125.000 units by the time he pitched his deal on Shark Tank in 2013.

After his first appearance, he sold thousands overnight and sales have continued to grow ever since. The two partners initiated a campaign to reach 80 countries with their Tree T Pee product.

Johnny George and John Paul DeJoria continue to work side-by-side today to sell Tree T Pee. The product is currently selling on the company’s website at $9.95.



Tree T Pee has grown since its appearance on Shark Tank. It also now sells other merchandise to farmers.

Johnny George’s genuine passion for helping farmers while conserving the environment won him the deal.

Today, his teepee design contributes to sustainable farming practices around the world.