Tucky Net Worth 2023 – What Happened After Shark Tank?


During the pandemic, Brooke Knaus started experimenting with a belt that can be used in a variety of non-traditional ways.

It garnered enough interest that Knaus was able to present her fashion innovation to the Shark Tank investors.

But would her investment request and the product itself hold up under their intense gaze?

What is Tucky?

The Tucky isn’t a belt in the traditional sense of the word, but instead an accessory that can help women change up their wardrobe.

For example, you could use the Tucky to help shorten a T-shirt that’s a little too long or even turn it into a crop top, and it does so without adding any extra bulk to your overall look.

For a more elegant look for sweatshirts, the Tucky helps too, while it can be used to help ensure a neater appearance for other clothing items.

Tucky is for all body types and is available in sizes 00–14 and in various colours.


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Who is the owner of Tucky?


Tucky is the brainchild of Brooke Knaus, from Charlotte, North Carolina, who came up with the idea during the 2020 COVID pandemic and after the birth of her second child.

Knaus, a former Miss Vermont, had the initial design ready by 2021, and the following year, she had sold her first unit.

A few months later, she applied for Shark Tank, and the rest is history, well after rounds of rigorous interviews beforehand, of course.

Shark Tank appearance: The investment


Knaus appeared in the season finale of Shark Tank 14.

She certainly had an enticing pitch, wanting just $70,000 for 30% equity in her company.

After a super-slick presentation where Knaus showed just what Tucky had to offer, the Shark Tank investors started probing a little more.

As Tucky was just six months old at the time of the show, Kevin O’Leary was particularly interested in sales figures, which were $60,000 worth and mostly around 98% online.

Of that, Knaus was able to generate a net take-home profit of $40,000, which impressed the investors, particularly Mark Cuban.

But while Cuban was impressed with what he had heard, he was the first investor to fall out, citing the fact that the product wasn’t “in his wheelhouse.”

Lori Greiner soon followed, along with Barbara Corcoran, who felt the product was based on a current trend, that of crop tops, which might become less fashionable.

O’Leary was the first Shark to bite, offering $70,000 for a 40% equity stake.

Before Knaus could respond, Daymond John made his offer: $70,000 for a 40% equity stake, the same as O’Leary.

Cuban encouraged Knaus to counter, which she did, but it was a particularly strange offer that John immediately jumped at.

Knaus stuck with the original $70,000 but offered John a 39% equity stake when she probably could have gone a little lower.

After a deal was struck, Knaus explained afterwards that her 1% counter was purely because John had a fashion background; she didn’t want to lose his expertise.

Where is Tucky today?


While still a relatively new business, Tucky has gone from strength to strength with Damond John on board.

There’s lots of growth potential still, something that Knaus will no doubt tap into.

What is Tucky’s net worth?

Currently, it’s estimated that Tucky has a net worth of around $180,000.


It’s heartening to see an idea like Knaus had for Tucky grow so quickly.

She was clever in her pitch too, offering the investors a large equity stake in the company, something that no doubt enticed them, along with her clever product, of course.


Overall Score 90 out of 100

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