WaiveCar Net Worth 2022 – What Happened After Shark Tank

WaiveCar has been competing against companies like Uber for a specific market that they’ve been getting. It’s a company that has done billions over the last few years and continues to do so today.

Although WaiveCar has been rather silent on social media over the past several months, the company promises that it has something big in the pipeline.

This is giving the company an estimated net worth of over $10 million at present but set to rise considerably in the future.

Let’s take a look at what happened during the WaiveCar Shark Tank episode, and see how the company is doing today.

The WaiveCar Shark Tank Episode

It was Kevin O’Leary who decided to invest in the company’s founders, Zoli Honig and Isaac Deutsch after hearing their pitch on Shark Tank in Season 9, Episode 7.

The big time investor gave the duo a massive $500 000 loan at an interest rate of 12%, instead of the conventional investment of a ‘cash giveaway’.

O’Leary also wanted a 2% stake in the company in exchange for his help & mentorship during their future business venture.

So, before we ask how the company has done so far, let’s see what exactly WaiveCar is, and how it works—and also how well it competes against other lift companies like Uber.

How WaiveCar Works

WaiveCar is different to Uber in that it allows you to subscribe to an app that gives you the ability to ‘summon’ an electric car and drive it yourself.

Once you are done using the car, you can simply drop it off again for the next user to ‘rent’.

The car does not work on fuel, but gives the driver 80 miles on every full charge.

What’s great about this subscription is that it gives you the first 2 hours of usage for free, and only charges you for every hour after those initial 2 hours.

The fee for using a WaiveCar is extremely low (only $5.99 per hour), which makes it an affordable alternative to other forms of transport.

WaiveCar’s Secretive Social Activity

As of late, WaiveCar has been suspiciously quiet on social media. But in a recent Instagram update, they reported that they had something big awaiting their customers.

We’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for us.

Net Worth of WaiveCar in 2021

It goes without saying that WaiveCar has been extremely successful with the backing of a Shark as prominent and knowledgeable as Kevin O’Leary.

By the end of last year, WaiveCar had a net worth of over $10.2 million.

They have also generated over $3.5 billion within the same amount of time. And despite their quiet demeanor on social media, they have not slowed down in business at all.

Final Thoughts

WaiveCar promises ‘something big’ for us in the future. We can only speculate what it will be at this point, but given their past success, we’re sure it will be something revolutionary.

WaiveCar have created a means of transport that has changed the lives of millions, and will probably become more popular across the globe as they begin to expand.